Persuasive Speech
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Persuasive Speech
(My final time on stage)
Self Reflection
This time I want to tell audience about love. I want to everyone treasure your lover. Use for example, if your lover betray you. Maybe something will be happen. Tell audience, if you choose your love. Please love your lover, treasure your lover and don’t betray your lover. This is my final time on stage. I want to make fun and persuasive something to my audience at same time. Final I think I did.
上了朝陽後 你是第一個讓我覺得 選擇朝陽是對的
選這堂課 我學到很多東西 突破自我 也看到一位老師對我們的用心
我想說 你是一位成功的老師 Love you Teresa...
真得 真得 很感謝
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