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During the interviews, the employers often ask questions, which jobseekers find banal and sometimes inappropriate. Nevertheless, they ask them for a reason, expecting to confirm the information they have previously obtained from the candidate. The correct answer may allay the fears of the recruiter and confirm the point of view regarding the potential employee. Therefore, the following work provides the answers to the most common questions asked during the interview.

First of all, the employer is interested to know about the benefits the new employee will bring to the organization. Thus, it would be better to answer this question by using the work-related example. In particular, one’s experience in the field of human services has started from the internship in the clinic. By working with the youths suffering from autism and learning disabilities and overseeing their adherence to the special educational programs, one could see them finally being able to socialize properly. It was a motivating and rewarding experience, which has fueled the desire to participate in the similar projects again. Thus, the values brought to the company include not only the experience of dealing with the disabled people but also the positive attitude towards the job.

At the same time, there were bound to be difficulties during the internship, and the employer was interested in people able to solve them. In particular, one has encountered the ethic dilemma regarding the disclosure of sensitive information on the health status of youth, whose relative has been diagnosed with HIV. To resolve the issue, it was necessary to consult with one of the mentors, which has advised adhering to the code of professional ethics. After the thorough analysis of the situation, it was decided to disclose the information to prevent damage to the innocent parties. In the end, the dilemma was resolved successfully.

However, despite the outcome of the problem, it is clear that one’s skills require improvement. Their description should be presented in a non-arrogant way. In particular, one used to dwell on the personal weaknesses, reading books and attending educational courses to address them. However, in the end, one has realized that there was no sense to work on something that is not a strong point. Therefore, the focus on the development of one’s strengths – particularly the ability to read the people that cannot express their thoughts clearly – was made a primary goal.

Considering that resolving the described dilemma involved the assistance of a mentor, the candidate’s handling of the feedback is also important for the employer. It is possible to say that one’s position towards it is based on the understanding of the importance of guidance – specifically, from the side of the professionals. Moreover, it contributes to the described process of self-improvement, allowing defining one’s strengths and developing them even further.

Finally, there is a need to assess the candidate’s ambitions (i.e. plans for the future). In five years, one can become a seasoned professional possessing all the skills required for the career growth. In ten years, it is possible to occupy the position of a head of the department of a human service organization. Finally, in twenty years, one can become a CEO of the personal enterprise working in the field of the human services. Such point of view demonstrates a high level of jobseeker’s ambitions and seems relevant due to the described attitude towards work.

Thus, during the interview, it is best to act naturally rather than resort to false bravado. In addition, it is advisable to focus on one’s actual strengths and weaknesses instead of embellishing them. In particular, during work, the true value of the candidate’s words will become apparent, which may have a significant impact on the further development of one’s career.

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